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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By ordering/purchasing an item, you agree to and accept all our standard terms and conditions herein.

Terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice

All orders, invoices and quotes (verbal or written) are only valid for 7 days, unless otherwise stipulated on the order/invoice/quote/in person. By placing an order, you are accepting that you will be required to pay for the order in full. We will charge a cancellation/handling fee (5% of the order/invoice value) in the case of a cancelled order; otherwise we will collect the order amount from you, within 48hrs of the order becoming overdue

Discounts/Special Offers:
If any item/s ordered or purchased carries any discounts, the order will then only be valid until the specified date of closing of the discount/offer. Any payments after that date will be credited to your account, and you will be issued with a new order/invoice reflecting the normal selling price less the amount paid, and you will be required to make the full payment. Any order that is still unpaid will be collected within 24hrs of closing of the special offer, after which the standard amount will be collected. No refunds in this respect will be allowed

When making payment, ensure that you use your order/invoice/quote number as a reference. Once you have effected payment, email the official proof of payment, as received by the bank to us via email or fax. If we do not get a clear official proof of payment with the correct reference number, we will not dispatch your order.
If payment is made by cheque/from a foreign/international bank, we will wait until the cheque/payment clears in our account (+-10 working days), before accepting that the order is paid, and only then will we process your order as per our standard terms and conditions.
Your order might be placed on back order depending on stock availability. We cannot guarantee stock levels, as we work on a first come first serve basis, and you will be notified once payment is made.
The following bank costs will apply when making payment and you will be invoiced if the costs are not included in you payment. Only once the cost of the payment is made, will we process you order as per our standard terms and conditions.
EFT: No cost incurred
Cash Deposit: 1% of the total order / R1 per R100, whichever is the lessor.
Cheque: 3% of the total order value
We do not offer card or credit card payment facilities.

Courier fees and insurance:
If your order needs to be couriered/delivered to you, we will invoice you upfront for the courier/delivery fee. The fee that is invoiced is inclusive of once off handing fees and packaging. The fee is NOT inclusive of any insurance for goods in transit. You may and can take insurance for items in transit, so as to avoid any damage claims not being processed by the courier/delivery company. We DO NOT take out transit/courier insurance, and therefore will not be held responsible for any damage or loss during transit.  The cost of insurance is 5% of the total invoice value, please simply add it onto your payment if you elect to take insurance.

Delivery Information:
We dispatch orders from our premises on the following days ONLY (not including weekends/public holidays/company close days):
Payments must reflect in our account by/before 15H00 the day before to be dispatched on the above days.
We rely on the relevant contracted courier to collect orders from our premises on the above days, and cannot and will not be held responsible if they fail to collect from our premises timeously, as arranged, and will then only dispatch your order on the following dispatch day as per the above.

You need to provide us with the correct address, telephone and contact person details, in order for us to request the courier to collect and deliver your order. We will NOT send your order, until we have all the correct and relevant info needed by the courier in order to deliver your parcel. Please ensure you supply us with the following:

Full name and Surname of person expected to receive the parcel
Correct Contact telephone number of that person (Cell Number ONLY)
Correct and complete delivery address including province and postal code

Courier/Transit information:

Once the courier/delivery company has collected your order from our premises, they will deliver the order to your door within 3-5 working days (not including weekends/public holidays/business close days) from date of dispatch from our premises, during business hours only.
Time frames and delivery days given by us, is an estimate only, but is ultimately determined by the courier, and when they deliver to your area. We do not and cannot offer guaranteed overnight delivery or specific delivery dates due to this fact.

Once the order/item has left our premises, you will be provided with the courier’s details and your waybill information via email. Any queries regarding delivery times/dates/problems must be addressed directly with the relevant courier company, and not with our offices.

The courier/delivery company’s terms and conditions will form part of this agreement if you make use of their services at any stage, or for any product transit related to RedDevilDeals and its products..

While your order is in transit, we do not take any responsibility for any delays, mistakes, non-delivery. We accept no responsibility for damages/loss during the shipping process. We rely on courier/delivery company to send and safeguard your order while in transit, and will also rely on their internal policies and procedures to resolve any issues that might arise during transit or due to transit damage.

Ensure that you are available to accept the order when the courier arrives, as if they are unable to deliver your order, we will charge you a fee determined by the courier/delivery company, which is payable before they attempt to deliver again.

Upon receipt of the order/item from the courier/delivery company, check that the items are in good order, with no damages or missing items. If there is damage or missing items, inform the courier of this by writing it on the waybill that the courier/delivery company will provide you with. If this is not done, we nor the courier/delivery company will accept any responsibility for damaged goods or missing items.
Once you have opened the item/order and signed the waybill with any notes relevant, you will have 24hrs in which to report any problems with the order to us. Ensure that the item ordered is in proper working condition within the 24hr period, as will not accept any responsibility after that period.

If your order is returned to us for any reason, we will re-invoice you for the courier fee, and the order will only be sent again once this fee is paid.

Collections or cash orders:
All orders must be paid before collecting, and a 24hr notice period given after the payment has reflected in our account. We do not offer COD or cash payment options upon collection. We test all our products before handing the product to you, and this is the reason for the notice and payment requirements, as we need to sometimes open a product box, and are then unable to sell it to someone else, as it is then considered used.
When arranging your collection please ensure that you set up an appointment with one of our staff, as we work via appointment ONLY. No collections will be allowed without an official appointment.

If you elect to have your order collected with a private courier service, please ensure that when the courier collects they need the present us with the following:
A Copy of the invoice
Full name, surname and contact number of the person who employed the courier service.
A Completed waybill with all the relevant information pre filled out on the waybill.
We will NOT dispatch the order with the courier if these conditions are not met, and if they are, we will firstly verify all the information with the contact person on the waybill.

Items/goods purchased:
By ordering/paying for an item, you accept the product and understand what you are purchasing. If you are unclear of any details, please firstly call or email us to clarify, as will NOT accept any returns in this respect. It is your responsibility to ensure that you know what is included in your order. We do not do installations or supply any technical support (telephonically or in person). Please ensure that you get the appropriate person or company to advise or install the product.
All items are quality checked before leaving our premises via courier/collection.

Order faults or damages:
Once you have received your order, ensure that you set it up and use it correctly, understand the setup instructions or get a professional to install or set it up for you. As if you return the product to us as faulty and it is determined that it was caused by lack of understanding of the product, we will bill you for any courier costs involved, and you will be required to pay this upfront, before we return the product to you.

If an order is delivered incorrectly, and it is not as per your order or is incomplete/incorrect, we will have the item collected first (if sent via courier), and once it is returned to us and the item has been checked for usage or damage, then we will dispatch your order on the nominated courier/dispatch days referred to above. If the order was collect from us by yourself, then you will need to bring back the original/incomplete item, and have it exchanged for the correct one (This process can take up to 5 working days, nor including weekends, public holidays/business close days).

Returns Policy:
We do not offer refunds for returned items.
If you have any problems with your order, please email us using your invoice/order/quote number in the subject line and describe the problem/issue in detail. (Provide us with the correct and accurate contact & address details of the person we need to contact to assist) We will not take any calls in this respect. Once we have received your email with the problem, we will telephonically assess it with you (within 2 working days). If we cannot determine any obvious solution telephonically, you will be required to send or bring the item to us at your cost. The item’s needs to be returned in the original packaging, with all the parts/attachments included, as it was received by you and in the same condition as received by yourself, if not, we will return it to you at your cost. Once we have received the item in the condition and with all parts as initially received by you, it will take up to 10 working days to assess the item/s and present you with a finding. If it is found to be a manufacturer fault or a fault not caused by you, we will bear the courier/delivery and repair costs. If it is found to be a result of misuse/incorrect use or damage by you, you will be required to pay the repair fee, and the courier costs. The item will only be returned to you once the courier and repair fee is paid.

Refunds Policy:
We do not offer refunds for returned items or cancelled orders or any other reason..
If it is deemed necessary for a refund, which is at the sole discretion of RedDevilDeals, the item will be returned to ourselves by you, we will then sell the item (as second hand) to defray costs, and refund the amount, less handling, admin and other associated fees. This process is determined by the time period that it takes to sell the item as second hand. You are also welcome to sell it. After the sale is completed the refund will be effected within 10 working days (not including weekends/public holidays/business close days)
Refund for orders not yet provided: We do NOT offer refunds for items not received by yourself. If the item is on back order (for any reason), we will keep you informed of the progress of the order until it arrives with you.

We do not offer any product/order exchanges, and will ONLY exchange that which was incorrectly supplied, and this remains at the sole discretion of RedDevilDeals.

We offer a 1 Year Manufacturer/Factory Warranty on all the products.

For any info, inquiries, problems, questions, please send us an email, as we are not able to assist on the phone accurately all the time. If you do call in before sending an email, our staff will request that you firstly send an email. We will answer your email as soon as possible, but with a maximum of 48hrs from receipt. If you do not receive any response with the 48hrs, then you may call us, as the email might have not been receieved.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.














The goods purchased are warranted free from obvious defects in workmanship, materials and functionality on purchase. If the goods are defective, they will be repaired at the manufacturer’s option, without charge on return to the manufacturer  within 1 Year from date of purchase.

This warranty is only given to the original purchaser of the goods and is void if the goods have been:

1)  Damaged by negligence or accident after purchase;
2)  Used other that for the purpose for which they are intended to be used or not used in accordance
with any operating instructions supplied with the goods;
3)  Adapted or repaired or
4)  Added onto or used with goods which may affect the integrity, performance, safety or reliability of
these goods.

This warranty is given in place of all other warranties and assurances, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to matter of quality, fitness for purpose or merchantability and the vendor and manufacturer accepts no liability, under any circumstances whatsoever, for any consequential damage or loss suffered by anyone as a result of using or being unable to use the goods.

This warranty forms part of our Standard Terms and Conditions found at